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Visual effects company PFX used facial motion capture solution from MocapX for delivering animation content to the world renowned show Vivaldianno Reloaded. Breath-taking multi-genre show

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Introducing MocapX

Welcome to MocapX page, After a year of intense development, we would like to present our new animation tool – MocapX. It enables professional motion

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Get the MocapX App and Plug-in

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MocapX App


  • Realtime facial capture
  • Head movevment & Eye tracking
  • Multi device support
  • Recording facial data to clips
  • Keypad animation feature
  • Wifi and USB support
  • Works with iOS 12

Works with iOS 12

MocapX Plug-in


  • Realtime facial capture
  • Non destructive workflow
  • PoseLib editor
  • Recording facial data to clips
  • Baked and baked to rig controls
  • Win/Mac/Linux support
  • Maya 2016, 2017, 2018

Windows 10, MacOS 10.12, Linux CentOS 7