TUTORIAL – Quickly generate poses (script)

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Tutorial – Learn how to quickly generate poses (facial expressions) for MocapX 

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to speed up the process of creating poses for MocapX motion capture app.

Typically you would start by selecting all of the controllers for the face and then creating attribute collection.
The next step would be to create the first pose. So let’s do eye left blink and name it. Continue with the right blink. This process could be time-consuming.

So let’s look at some of the tips about how to speed up this process.

1) Let’s open a scene where we have all the poses frame by frame in the timeline.
Please note that all of the poses have to be in the same order as they are described in the documentation.
Then we will use our script to generate poses. First, select all the controllers for the face. Create attribute collection. Then select the facial controllers and run the script. By running the script, all 52 poses are created.

2) Next, we need to delete all the keys in the timeline.
Then we can see all the poses in PoseLib editor. After that, we can quickly create a clip reader. Load the clip and preview some of the animation data.

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