Facial motion capture for iPhone X, 11, 12 and iPad Pro

How it works

MocapX unlocks the full potential of the iPhone True Depth camera, bringing the unique experience of facial motion capture seamlessly to Maya. With MocapX, you can easily use the iPhone camera to animate characters in real-time directly in Maya. MocapX tools allow you to use any custom or production rig.

Key features


Real-time facial capture using the iPhone's TrueDepth Camera

Live preview of facial capture on 3d character.


Local recording to device

Record facial capture offline without streaming to Maya. Clips saved with video and audio for later processing in Maya.


Keypad animaton feature

User can animate with sliders, joysticks and keypads. Similar to Dj equipment or a game controller.


52 facial expressions plus head position/rotation

User can perform 52 different expressions like blink, mouth open, smile…


Smart recording in Maya

User can go back in time and create a clip


Eye tracking

User can record eye movements


Production and custom rig support

User can work with Maya custom rig. Custom rigs are essentinal for animation in Maya


Pose library for nondestructive workflow

User can store a pose (expression) for a 3D character to match the user’s expression


Multi-device/character support

Users can connect 2 iPhones and capture the performances of 2 characters in real time


Wifi or USB support



Win and Mac versions free to download


Maya 2017/2018/2019.1/

Also support for .5 versions of Maya

Get the MocapX App and Plug-in

MocapX App

MocapX Maya Plug-in

Windows 10, MacOS 


Most frequently asked questions and answers

MocapX runs on every iPhone and tablet with iOS 14. Please note that facial tracking is only supported on devices with FaceID. Click here for a full list of hardware features.

Apple’s True depth camera, which is responsible for facial mocap, is exactly the same in all the models with Face ID technology. 

Yes, of course. The MocapX app and plug-in were created for animators to speed up the animation process. You can use the MocapX plug-in for any commercial and non-comercial projects. If you do anything interesting in MocapX, let us know and we will be happy to share.

Please note that more complicated rigs may decrease real-time performance depending on your computer’s processing power and graphics card. However, MocapX data is captured and saved at a full 60 fps.

Facial tracking in the MocapX app uses Apple’s Face ID technology to capture facial expressions and transfer the data directly to Maya. This is a paid feature in the application and is only available for devices with Face ID capability. Click here for a full list of hardware features.

We support all Maya versions from 2017 to 2020. The operating systems we recommend are Windows 10 with iTunes installed and MacOS HighSierra or later.

Generally speaking, yes! You can connect MocapX data directly to your rig controller or use PoseLib to drive multiple controllers on your rig. We provide demos as well as a tutorials and other useful information.

Sliders and joysticks are available in the free version of the MocapX app and allow you to control objects and attributes in real time in Maya. You can record live action sequences and save them as animation clips for later use – for example, you can animate a car or plane just by rotating your iPhone.

The Android version of MocapX is in the works and is coming soon.

Please be aware that for the Android version, you will have to use a device with similar technology to Apple’s Face ID technology (Infrared camera + laser dot projector).

We support only Maya real-time facial motion capture with our Maya plug-in and PoseLib editor. The Unity plug-in for live mocap will come in 2Q 2020 and Unreal connection in late 2020.

With PRO version you can both stream to Maya in real-time and record a clip locally for later use in Maya (the clip length is limited only by available storage on your device). The basic version includes 30 seconds of free local recording and you can buy additional minutes up to 45 minutes. With basic version you are not able to stream facial expression to Maya directly. However you can test the connection with your pc and Maya using keypads and sliders.

History of purchases can be found only in your AppStore account.

Currently no. Your purchase is tied to Apple ID and to device where the purchase was done.

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