MocapX 2.0 update – local mocap data save, new trial option, and updated Maya plugin!

facial motion capture maya plugin

We’ve worked hard in the last couple of months on making facial motion capture process better for our customers. With version 2.0 of MocapX, we are bringing you new features in the iOS application as well as in the Maya plugin. We’ve included the three most requested features by the animation community. 

Local data storage and trial/demo feature

In MocapX 2.0 app, you can record facial motion capture data locally without the need for streaming directly to Maya. This is an essential feature in situations like recording sound with a voice actor. Now you don’t need to bring a computer with Maya installed for the recording session. You can store all your facial data on your iPhone and use it later in Maya. With this new functionality, we are able to let our new users test the application in trial mode. Now you can record up to 30 seconds of facial mocap data before deciding to buy the PRO version.

facial mocap iphone

Updated Maya plugin
In the Maya plugin, we are introducing the Pose Board feature. This enables you to see the description of all required poses for matching a 3D character expression to actor expressions. As a result, it is even easier to prepare your character for motion capture. 

facial mocap maya plugin
facial motion capture maya plugin

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