Mocapx for learning environments.

From high schools to universities.

Turn ordinary lessons into experiences. For your students and for yourself.

Why use MocapX at school?

Because it’s an excellent building block for budding animators.

To install, all you need is standard equipment and Maya. MocapX is compatible with standard school IT equipment.

Because it streamlines your workflow.

Both for teachers and students. Step by step. Take a look at our tutorials and blog. MocapX technology provides teachers and students with an invaluable asset: the ability to perform animation tasks efficiently and in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

Because we offer online support.

Just drop us a line. MocapX is so easy to use, all you need to do is follow the prompts in the application.

Real-time facial animation by MocapX

Designed by professionals with experience in creating animated commercials, videos and feature films.

An animated film.
Created over the course of just a few lessons.

MocapX is extremely easy to use and is a great way to motivate students of animation.
Take a look at our step-by-step.

Create animation with MocapX

Create the most entertaining classes with real-time facial animation


Most frequent questions and answers

MocapX runs on every iPhone and tablet with iOS 12 but facial tracking is only supported on devices with FaceID. Click here for a full list of hardware features.

Yes, of course. The MocapX app and plug-in were created for animators to speed up the animation process. You can use the MocapX plug-in for any commercial and non-comercial projects. If you do anything interesting in MocapX, let us know and we will be happy to share.

Please note that more complicated rigs may decrease real-time performance depending on the speed of your computer and graphics card. However, MocapX data are captured and saved at a full 60 fps.

Facial tracking in the MocapX app uses Apple’s Face ID technology to capture facial expressions and transfer the data directly to Maya. This is a paid feature in the application and is only available for devices with Face ID capability. Click here for a full list of features.

We support all Maya versions from 2016 to 2019. The operating systems we recommend are Windows 10 with iTunes installed, MacOS HighSierra or later and Linux with Centos 7.4 (wifi connection only).

Generally speaking, yes! You can connect MocapX data directly to your rig controller or use PoseLib to drive multiple controllers on your rig. We provide post-set up demo scenes as well as a tutorials and useful information.

Sliders and joysticks are in the free mode of the MocapX app and allow you to control objects and attributes in real time in Maya. You can record live action sequences and save them as animation clips for later use – for example, you can animate a car or plane just by rotating your iPhone.

The Android version of MocapX is coming soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive more updates.

MocapX Blog

zbrush tutorial face animation mocap

TUTORIAL – Zbrush blend shapes

Tutorial – Learn how to animate face from Zbrush and use it for facial motion capture Download https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luE3Cd0rGEM In today’s tutorial, we’re going show you

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01/ Getting started with MocapX

Learn how to quickly setup MocapX

02/ Pose library

Learn how to work with pose library

03/ Sample data

Download sample data and project files

04/ Basic connection

Learn how to connect attributes

05/ Windows Installation

Learn how to install MocapX on Windows

06/ macOS Installation

Learn how to install MocapX on macOS

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